When society falls we rise: The Division

Tom Clancy's The DivisionTom Clancy’s The Division RPG trailer just found its way across our time line and we couldn’t be more excited. It was released early March 2016 but we didn’t want to miss giving this epic looking game some attention before we focus on Quantum Break, coming in April. We love post apocalyptic stories like this where you are developing your skills and building a team. The scenario looks so bleak and the need to survive is down right desperate. The trailers don’t reveal much about what led the city to this point. Its very clear that your main enemy are other humans trying to survive, or destroy depends on how you look at it. It looks like you’ll be able to upgrade your character’s skills in different areas based on your gameplay style and customizing your home base looks like it has genuine benefits as far as effecting your characters survival, not just for looks. Hopefully we’ll get some genuine game time in once the new DLC is released.