InterestingConcept Live is back in Detroit!!!!

Freep Film Festival 2016

Hosted by The Detroit Free Press and Michigan.com the Freep Film Festival kicks off this week returning for it’s third year with more movies and documentaries centered around Detroit and Michigan.

The festival plans to double in screenings, attendance, and venues this year.

The Freep Film Festival begins March 31st through April 3rd at different venues around Detroit here is the schedule.

“The Freep Film Festival’s emphasis on films that have a strong tie to Michigan and/or Detroit set the Festival apart from others in Michigan and throughout the country. The films will showcase the best and most intriguing elements of our residents, our city or our state,” said Freep Film Festival executive director  Steve Byrne. “This year, we are thrilled to present even more award-winning films that will enthrall audiences and spur meaningful discussion through inspiring stories and mesmerizing cinematography.

Here are some of the anticipated announcements.

Fatman on Batman:” Standup show by Kevin Smith, a director writer and actor,opens the festival. It includes his co-host for a pop culture podcast of the same name, comic book writer Marc Bernardin, and promises a night of “talk about all the news in movie make-believe, terrific TV and anything that squeaks in geek!”

T-Rex:” Claressa (T-Rex) Shields, a Flint native became the first American woman to win a gold medal in boxing. Her fight for the championship, as well as the struggle to help her family escape poverty, is chronicled in this documentary, which will make its Metro Detroit premiere at the FFF opening night.

Land Grab:” This documentary, which is having its premiere, delves into the political maneuvering of the Hantz Woodlands project on the east side of Detroit. The film highlights a divided citizenry skeptical of a businessman’s motives for turning parts of a blighted neighborhood into a tree farm.

Isle Royale double feature: “Fifty Lakes One Island” and “Predator/Prey: The Fight for Isle Royale Wolves” features the best that Isle Royale has to offer. From one man exploring the rugged terrain of the island’s 50 lakes to a deep dive into the fragile ecosystem dominated by the relationship between wolves and moose, the Isle Royale double feature showcases the most amazing views and important issues from Michigan’s National Park.

Requiem for a Running Back:” In another premiere, this film explores the debate over concussions in football through the story of world championship running back and former Detroit Lions player, Lewis Carpenter. The director (Lewis’ daughter) conducts a personal investigation into how Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy could have impacted Carpenter’s depression, forgetfulness and temper.