#MusicMonday Eminem “The Kids”

Welcome back to Music Monday where we highlight mood music. Sometimes you’ll find something new and climbing the charts and other times you’ll find a gem that makes for great background music while enjoying your favorite game.
In rotation with Team Max@Play are classic songs from the Detroit artist Eminem. Today’s featured song is “The Kids” also known as “Drugs are Bad” This isnt the original video but a fan recreation featured on youtube. This video seems to be a more accurate depiction of what the tone of the song is, not to mention the actual video couldn’t be located. This comical style of hip-hop is what made Eminem great, that and his ability to string together amazing punchlines and create a great listening experience. If you missed our Top 5 earlier check out that list http://www.maxatplay.com/2016/04/musicmonday-top-5/ If you pressed play on your player right now what song would play? Leave your response in the comment section below. Don’t for get to check back for more on music, gaming and all things awesome.