Playing as Agni in Smite

Agni, God of Fire - Smite
Agni, God of Fire – Smite

The MOBA known as Smite is definitely an addictive and time consuming game, which is a good. Logging on Team Max@Play is greeted with the daily challenge of

Agni, God of Fire - Smite
Agni, God of Fire – Smite

“Good Karma’, playing 3 matches as a Hindu God. The rotation didn’t include any of those so Agni, God of Fire, was chosen to complete this task.
Agni’s abilities appear to work well together. His passive ability is combustion which is activated after 4 normal attacks connect with an enemy all the following normal attacks include a small explosion. Agni’s Noxious gas stuns and does damage to enemies in its radius and can be set on fire by any of the other abilities that pass thru it. Today’s favorite combo went as follows:
20160504114001_1-Noxious Gas the enemies
-Then Path of flames thru noxious gas to ignite it and add flame damage
-Turn and fit enemies with Flame Wave
-Fall back while using Agni’s Ultimate Rain of Fire

If you need a deeper breakdown of Agni’s abilities check out Agni, God of Fire Wiki. As great as this combination sounds, and its quite effective, it didn’t save Team Max@Play from losing 3 out of 4 matches. The match consisted of 2 Arena matches, 1 Joust and 1 Arena vs AI. Critical mistakes noted included:

Agni, God of Fire - Smite
Agni, God of Fire – Smite

-Remaining too close to enemy tours
-Not being aware of the numbers game
-Going for buffs prematurely (almost got killed by the Attack Camp defender)
-No team strategy

Most of these issues could’ve been avoided with a little team strategy and being aware of the game field. Looking for more on Smite check out our Smite intro. Whose your favorite God to use? Do you have any strategies you’d like to share? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.