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Happy Birthday @The313gentleman #LFTE

Pokemon Go with the Family
Pokemon Go with the Family
Pokemon Go - Venonat
Pokemon Go – Venonat

Birthdays are a celebration of life for billions of people around the world and in this small speck on the internet I, The313gentleman, celebrate life the best way known to man, A day of video games and food. The day kicks off with a few arena matches of SMITE. Winning two out of three Arena matches let me bring Neith, The Hunter, to mastery level 1. The feeling when you realize your awesome with Neith and then she levels up, it means its time to dance. Next inline for mastery is Ah Puch, which when you read his name you immediately wanna curse, but don’t curse.

Smite - Ah Puch - Arena
Smite – Ah Puch – Arena

Getting mastery level with Neith was enough for the moment and gears switch to the 4 player free for all of Brawlhalla. These matches strictly for fun and laughs with my niece and nephew. The fast paced action was occasionally slowed down to teach nephew to not arbitrarily walk off the edge of the playing field to his death. Sentinel was character in rotation but we quickly lost track of who and just enjoyed an onslaught of button mashing and screaming “Why’d you kill me Uncle?”, whoops.

We finally got to the point when it was time to enjoy the day like an adult. When I say adult I mean we ate sushi and played Pokemon Go. There’s nothing more entertaining than catching Pokemon with your loved ones. Sitting around eating sushi sharing funny stories of Pokemon Go Memes we have seen. Then traversing the city hitting as many Pokemon stops we can get before our battery dies. For those that don’t know, Pokemon Go uses a ton of battery life and cellphone resources. With its constant running GPS tracking and data transfer showing the awesome monuments in the area you may want to keep track of your data plan.

It was beautiful day, shared with awesome people, peppered with some dope gaming. Remain awesome and thank you for reading The Letters from the Editor.