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#Pikachu I choose you

Pokemon - Krabby
Pokemon – Krabby

The Pokemon Go craze has consumed Team Max@Play in a unique way. Similar to the release of Golden Eye on Nintendo 64 or Halo 2 on Xbox, Pokemon Go is uniting gaming across the country. Imagine growing up watching the Pokemon television series and collecting the card game, yes there was table top card game. Now fast forward to the seemingly endless releases of new Pokemon games for your portable Nintendo device. Now you can use the device you keep closest to you to live your childhood dream of catching Pokemon. Gamers send out mass alerts when they find a rare Pokemon in hopes of sharing their joy. Team Max@Play’s own, The313gentleman caught the elusive Pikachu after using an amazing 16 pokeballs to catch him, a personal record for the level 6 trainer. Below you can find screenshots of a few other pokemon caught on this recent adventure.

Its time to pick a team! If you have already achieved level 5 then you know you can now join a gym to train and fight your Pokemon. There are 3 teams to choose from:

Pokemon - Hypno
Pokemon – Hypno

Team Instinct
Team Mystic
Team Valor
They each have their own creed and style for training. Which one did you choose? And Why? Leave your response in the comment section below.