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#PokemonGo Gotta catch em all

Pokemon Go -
Pokemon Go –

With over 5 million downloads and counting the “Gotta catch ’em all” fever is sweeping the world. The latest edition to the Pokemon game series, Pokemon Go, is breaking records and taking players on a journey like no other. If you’re new to this, Pokemon puts the player in the role of a trainer whose set out to learn, capture, train and battle the different species of Pokemon. Pokemon Go adds the twist of having you physically walk around your city or neighborhood to discover new pokemon and various shops and items to help you in your journey. The game uses your mobile phones gps to create the game world and even incorporates your phones camera to reveal pokemon around you. The game takes you on a journey  to access certain gyms and stores on the game. You and your cell phone have to be within a certain footage from the specific place to access it on the game. The real-time discovery is hands down the biggest appeal but mixed a series rich in development and player interactivity your destined to win. Team Max@Play is currently looking into some of the hilarious stories being shared across the web by players on a mission to be the best pokemon trainer ever.