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When it all goes down hill – State of Decay

State of Decay
State of Decay

One day you will wake up and the world will be vastly different than you remember. Reasons that have yet to be revealed will leave you with questions that will have to wait for answers as you fight for your life. Why is this happening? Where is the order? Why is this guy trying to eat me? Yes the apocalypse is coming and what better way to prepare than playing the zombie survival horror game series State of Decay.

The State of Decay series kicks off right after the discovery of the zombie outbreak. It simulates some of the harsh realities you face when dealing with zombies and survivors of the outbreak. First and foremost, death is real. This game features permadeath, which means if any character dies in the game for any reason they are gone forever. No phoenix downs, once they are gone they are lost so pick your battles and party wisely. Party management will influence how will you fair when on the variety of missions that include:

State of Decay
State of Decay

Searching for food
Searching for weapons
Searching for survivors
clearing a path
relocating your camp
The people you leave behind to guard the camp also play a significant role in your parties survival and overall household morale, Two people that don’t get along left together can cause friction among the other survivors as well as distract those defending the perimiter. A wrong move here could result in you coming home a mes you must clean up, possibly the death of a party member, or group of members.

The stress of the zombie apocalypse can quickly get to you. Suffering a loss has traumatic effects on you and your household. You do what you gotta do for the betterment of the house. Pack light, sharp or blunt weapons don’t make noise. Things that make noise such as cars and guns will attract zombies to your location and even though you are a “zombie killing machine” you are still only human and can quickly be overwhelmed. Keep these thoughts in mind and stay tuned for more on this game and other zombie readiness adventures.