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Sure I’ll go in there #LFTE

Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad
Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad

Being abducted by aliens sucks, especially when it prevents you from keeping everybody update to what’s going on with Team Max@Play. The curve balls come fast and furious but getting back on track will prove to be the true test of strength. While we get things back on track the focus will definitely be our core of Music, Gaming and Random funny adventures.
Music Monday has been one of the more consistent areas for Team Max@Play, as it should. The team is still madly in love with the Suicide Squad soundtrack, mainly “Sucker for pain” featuring Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons w/ Logic & Ty Dolla $ign ft X Ambassadors. Talk about a song that embodies the life force of the movie. The visuals in the video are top notch. If you haven’t seen the movie yet hopefully this video will encourage you to do so. While we’re at we’ll throw in some Suicide Squad Cosplay for you later this week. If you can’t wait, check out some cosplay photos from the 2016 Dragoncon in Atlanta, GA.

Dragoncon - Cosplay -
Dragoncon – Cosplay –

While enjoying the dope things we’ve already shared make sure to see our top list of awesomeness. These lists are currently powered by Gameranx, Watch Mojo and Outside Xbox but we agree with them whole heartedly so take a look and see if you agree with Team Max@Play. Make sure to voice your feelings in the comment section so we can keep the conversation going.
Welcome back to the party! The aliens are trying to find me hidden in this ventilation shaft so until next time, Game On.