Aaliyah – Try Again (HD)

It’s the Queen Aaliyah and fighting master Jet Li in this awesome video from the movie soundtrack Romeo Must Die. In the film, a Chinese former police officer, Jet Li, is arriving to the United States in order to avenge his brother’s death. He also falls in love with a rival mobster’s beautiful daughter, Aaliyah, and they are struggling together against both the Chinese and the American mobs. This movie also featured Ruff Ryders own DMX, but he’s not featured in this video. This video does feature the legendary super producer Timbaland. Jet Li is known for his martial arts prowess but when partnered with the lovely songstress Aaliyah their fancy footwork is nothing short of entertaining. What lady wouldn’t love to walk on walls and dance through mirrors? The songs smooth groove and melody make for an awesome throwback head banger.
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Aaliyah – Try Again (HD) featuring Timbaland and Jet Li