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Good Night, Good Luck #LFTE

Aalyah and Jet Li
Aalyah and Jet Li

Hello fellow gamers! It almost seems that I have to consistently start these letters off from a “Its been a long time, I shouldn’t of left you. Without a dope beat to step to.” point of view.  The nerdom universe is spinning so rapidly with a million and one things taking place. Game publishers have started their holiday assault in releasing the most highly anticipated games right in time for the holidays. We are excited to get our hands on Titanfall 2 and Watchdogs 2. Both originals for these games were subject to the hype machine and fell short in actual gameplay. Weather it was a weak story line, non existent campaign mode, bland lead characters or lack of replay value, both promise the sequels will fill the void that left gamers feeling cheated and hollow inside.

Team Max@Play convention writer, Ron Lyons II, has been busy covering the cons and cosplay life style in Detroit. img_4528Recently, Lyons attended the 2016 Youmacon Convention in Detroit.  Youmacon is the largest annual anime convention in Detroit covering the historic Cobo Hall and The Renissance Marriot while lasting 3-4 days. Thousands of attendees travel from around the country, and some from around the world, to experience the panels and pageantry. Lyons gave his first hand recap of all of the events, cosplay and of course the game room

Finally, I have become a big fan of Jessica Nigri. She is an amazing model and cosplayer. Definitely someone you want to follow and learn more about. Recently, Nigri did a shoot as a Sith Lord with Fake Nerd Boy that was simply amazing. Hopefully we’ll have a few photos to share with you this Friday, but until then go Jessica Nigri page. Speaking of facebook pages, go checkout the random video game fun featured on ours. Until we meet again, Good Night, Good Luck.