Netflix’s The Seven Deadly Sins

Binge watching awesome anime is the best way to spend three days, including repeating a few episodes.  The Seven Deadly Sins is the most recent completed series and is hands down amazing. Even though We’re going to lead off saying season 2, “Signs of Holy War”, is only 4 episodes and totally incomplete.  Don’t let the lack of finality halt you from following the journey of Princess Elizabeth and Dragon Sin Meliodis as they quest to reunite the Seven Deadly Sins and save the kingdom from the impending Holy War. The fight scenes and character development are amazing. Definitely love how casual Ban, The Fox sin, is during the entire thing but he carries a special ability that we will let you find out on your own. No spoilers here! This series is a Netflix Original and definitely worth a subscription. Well of course there are a few more series that add value to this subscription but right now we’re focusing on this one, and Attack on Titan. There’s not much we can say other watch this and enjoy. Stay tuned for more on this series and other awesome Anime.