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A more than welcomed rant with a hint of Cosplay #LFTE

Welcome back fellow gamers! There are many days when you want to immerse yourself in a deeply epic battle and blast away armies of evil creatures. There are other days when you can only hide briefly in the bathroom and tap madly on your cell phone screen to get your gaming fix, you junkie. One game that we really want to talk about, and can’t, is the game FortNite by Epic.We’re currently involved in the Alpha and the game is still in development stages. Its and awesome honor to be apart of this process and to honor our word of non disclosure we shall refer you to the FortNite web page until we can share with you how awesome this game is.

In mobile news, Team Max@Play finally completed Day 15 of survive 100 Days. The lives that were lost to complete this will not be forgotten. The video of the last few minutes of battle are available for your viewing pleasure. This game can get crazy addictive and the later levels get ridicuolously hard.

Team Max@Play love to show off dope cosplay and costumes, the artistry and work put into getting your outfit and props together is amazing. This week we  included a super dope gallery of Jessica Nigri in this edition of Letters from the editor. She was featured in a previous post here but you can find more of this awesome cosplay model and spokes person for all things awesome on her facebook page.

Stay tuned for more dope everything as we bring you more of things loved by all.