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Day 15 – Surviving 100 days in the zombie apocalypse

​One has to believe that surviving the 15th day will be a beautiful thing. Instead we remember all the bodies, all the lives thrown at this evil zombie infection. The boss constantly picking off our comrades. Their lives being extinguish, not once but twice since you know at once a human is kill they will become an infected zombie and pose a threat to the rest of the team. Surviving 100 days is going to take its toll on the rest of the survivors. As we send wave after wave of human life to battle wave after wave of dead zombies.

A traumatic approach to describing the tale of surviving 100 days the mobile app for Android but the fact is, it is exactly how it sounds. It took roughly one week to survive just the 15th day.  Just as Team Max@Play is celebrating their win we are reminded that it is only the day that is over. The name of the game isn’t survive 15 days, but 100 days. The next level loads and we prepare to send another army of our friends to meet their maker in hopes that the rest of us can survive one more day.

We’d love to see more statistics of how many zombies were killed. How many total characters were used. Who is the favorite used and maybe even total play time. Need more fun? Check out what’s out now Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.