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Gearing up for Dragoncon 2017

2017 Dragoncon Coming to Georgia This Fall

by KillerGamer404

Being the country’s leading pop culture and multi-media convention, Dragon Con is finally coming to Georgia this Fall 2017. So, if you plan to visit the city this year, never forget the DragonCon night that is focused on gaming, anime, fantasy and science fiction. This is an immense 4-day party that is popularly known to feature a lot of events and activities that include panels, workshops, film screenings, seminars, live performances and autograph sessions.
In addition to that, there are specialized programs that cover a lot of topics like gaming, art, writing, Asian culture and cinema, history, apocalyptic themes and a whole lot more. That is why if you are interested in it, wear your best cosplay and mingle with other fans at this action-packed and fun event.

Prior to the convention, it is as well suggested for everybody to wear their cosplay as they spend Labor Day weekend in the Downtown Atlanta area. This is also especially for those who explore art, film, gaming, music, film and whole lot more. Attending this epic convention also lets you see all the fantastic enthusiast displaying their favorite charcters. You will also want to make sure you dont miss out on the Parade of DragonCon.

DragonCon is even better and bigger this year. This festival has indeed taken over the downtown city of Atlanta a day early this year. This will be filled with a lot of scheduled events you can find on their website. The people that you will meet also have the same interest in the covered events.

For sure, this will be the significant highlight of your life, especially the moment you attend this event. In addition to the products that will be showcased, these will specifically include film, music, art, literature, comics, fantasy literature, space science, independent film, online media, costuming, film, robotics, Star Trek, dark fantasy, scientific skepticism and a whole lot more in the toys, games and sporting goods industry.

Among those visitors who will attend include Nicole Readings, Nicole Love, Scott Russell, Zalica Diarra, Fitzgerald Smith, Shailendra, Omri and a whole lot more. For those exhibitors of the convention, they mainly include Badali Jewelry and all their products exhibited; gold armadillo ring, vampire charm bracelet, bat earrings, sterling silver, vampire bat necklace.
Soul Silver is also another exhibitor that will present its products that include hidden key cabinet, end tables, coffee table, rowing bar w/ stools, mahogany game table and cherry desk. In addition to these exhibitors, others include The Crafty Celts, The Wright Stuff, and a whole lot more.

So, get ready for the biggest and most popular arts convention in the whole wide universe. The 2017 Dragoncon Coming to Georgia This Fall will be hosted by none other than Wes Carroll. It will also be on a debut on the 26th day of August, Saturday 11 am. It will also be aired on different syndicated stations the entire weekend.

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