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Don’t flood my mentions with game request Everwing 

Everwing _ Blackstorm - Facebook
Everwing _ Blackstorm – Facebook

Title: Everwing

Developer: Blackstorm

Genre: Side Scrolling Shooter

Platform: Facebook
The description already lets you know where this is headed. Mobile gaming is a real thing and this addictive game by Blackstorm is found comfortably in your Facebook messenger. Everwing is a top down side scrolling shooter where you play as one of the several pixies defending the kingdom from the hordes of enemies coming at you. Your character is set to Auto fire so what you need to do is attempt to kill as many as possible without taking any hits especially since one hit will kill you.  On your journey, you can find or purchase Dragons to accompany you. These flying companions increase your range and some even give added bonuses to you. The enemies get increasingly harder to kill as you go on but you really are going to hate what we call the super Phoenix.

Everwing _ Blackstorm - Facebook
Everwing _ Blackstorm – Facebook

This enemy will highlight it’s path before it comes but when it does it’s fast, can’t be shot and will kill you if touched. Seeing one or two coming isn’t a big deal, it’s when you see several path lines show up and you realize that your thumb is already cramped from zig zagging across the screen and you’re royally screwed. But at least you can share your high score with your friends. We try our best not to bother our Facebook friends with more game request but Everwing is addictive and you’re gonna want to spread the love.

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