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I work to buy video games but I work too much to play video games

State of Decay
State of Decay

Welcome to another rant about how being a responsible adult, that’s not rich sucks. The time wasted on going to work to make money to pay bills should be spent on money to buy video games or enhance your gaming experience. I should interject since these aren’t grounded reasons on how to live life. But there is a something to understand for everyone here. Take some time to enjoy life. You must find a balance between what you have to do, school, work, eat and what you want to do like travel, rob banks with friends or kill an insane number of zombies with a golf club before it breaks.

As everyone knows, I, your zombie killing editor is a major fan of zombie games and will hopefully be able to dive into State of Decay Year of Decay edition soon. It’s the three major releases of the series and they deserve a solid play through. Everyones’ play through will be different so there will be awesome stories to tell. For those of you new to the series please check out SoD here. And just as a heads up, State of Decay features permadeath.

per·ma·deathpərməˌdeTH) noun (in video games) a situation in which a character cannot reappear after having been killed.

This means that if you foolishly run into a building and your favorite character is overwhelmed by zombies and killed there is no way to revive them. They will be lost until you restart the entire game. What makes it, even more, heart-wrenching is that when you return to the camp, the others will mourn the loss and this can dramatically affect their decisions later in the game.

tales from the borderlands
tales from the borderlands

I’ve also been itching to play Tales from the Borderlands we talked about a while back. It’s available on all the major platforms but I attempted to enjoy on the go but that apparently is a bad idea. Tell Tale Games create excellent story driven games so this game isn’t just something you can play for five minutes or on break at work without becoming totally committed to your character and neglecting your life responsibilities.  But you know what I always have time for, Tony Jaa kicking butt. I shall end this rant with Tony Jaa in the movie Ong Bak, Enjoy.


I know a totally random way to end. You liked it didn’t you. Let me know in the comment section.

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