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Jason will catch you and kill you – Friday the 13th the game

Friday the 13th the game
Friday the 13th the game

​Title: Friday the 13th

Genre: Action, 4v1

Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC


Friday the 13th the game
Friday the 13th the game

It’s been a minute since Team Max@Play paid attention to any 4v1 games since Evolve was released in 2015. For those that are new to the 4v1 style of gameplay, it’s when you have 4 characters, usually with different complementary skill sets, attempting to survive or destroy 1 massive character or monster usually controlled by a 5th player. This style of game sets the scene for Friday the 13th the game. There are four campers spread out in various areas of the map trying to find each other and away from the area by what ever means are possible. They may need to gather keys, gas and a battery to start the car or boat all while avoiding the killer Jason Vorhees. The character that plays as Jason has the sole objective of find and kill all the campers before any can escape. If you’ve never seen a Friday the 13th movie or any scary movie where the killer seems to be everywhere, stop here and do that.

Friday the 13th the game
Friday the 13th the game

It will make your game experience so much more involved if you understood your character. In those movies Jason seemed to be able to since where his prey was and once locked in can move swiftly to them, unless he’s on screen where he moves at a slower steady pace. His move list goes as follows:

Morph: Jason fast travels long distances to locations selected on the map.
Rage: Enhances Jason’s abilities and allows him to burst through walls and closed doors with ease. Triggers automatically when halfway into the match.
Sense: Jason can visually detect his victim’s whereabouts within his proximity especially those with a high fear level.
Shift: Jason disappears and can quickly move short distances, avoiding traps and controlling when and where to stop.
Stalk: Jason mutes the danger theme victims hear when he’s nearby and heightens his sense of hearing.
Move list Courtesy of indie obscura

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