Attack of the Clones – Yoda Vs Count Dooku

Updated 05/14/2020

Jedi vs Sith goes down now here on Max@Play. Star Wars Episode 4 The Clone Wars highlighted one of Team Max@Play’s favorite light saber battle. Obi Wan Kenobi and young Master Anakin have just been defeated by Count Dooku when Jedi Master Yoda joins the battle to tip the scales. For a lot of us, this was the first time we witnessed Yoda in action. Prior to the battle we certainly didn’t expect that the green one had moves like that. We knew he was the strongest of the Jedi and a genuine master of the force but the cane had is fooled. Once he dropped that cane and drew his light saber a beast was unleashed and we treated to one of the best light vs dark side battles in history. Of course the battle concluded with Count Dooku, better known as Lord Tyranus, putting our downed heroes in immediate danger leaving Yoda with the options to either end Dooku or save his allies.

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