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Top 5 Things to do for Youmacon 2017

November 2nd-5th will be the busiest days for Downtown Detroit as we prepare to welcome  Youmacon 2017. Team Max@Play has been eagerly waiting for the return of this convention, which we would like to add was our first introduction to the world of cosplay. This event will run 24hrs a day, for 4 days, across 2 convention centers and if you’re going to make the most of it you are going to need a plan. In this article, we are going to supply you with some things that will help you enjoy your experience as well as contribute to the experience of your fellow attendees.

Get to registration early.

If you were able to purchase your ticket online then registration starts on Thursday and opens an hour earlier every other day. The line will begin hours prior to this and will most definitely stretch the entire area of the Cobo Hall Convention Center. If you want to be the first in line then be prepared to camp out with pillows, chairs, snacks and a buddy to hold your place in line. If you’re purchasing your pass at the door bring cash. They don’t accept credit or debit cards, but there are atm machines in the lobby. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Stay powered up

Beyond the wait in line, you will most likely spend hours taking pictures and video or trying to catch up with friends. Your battery is going to die, sorry to tell you. Bringing a charger is the immediate idea but forces you to sit down and stay near your phone. Investing in a portable charger, that you charged before heading out, will give you a few additional hours to capture and communicate. Once its time to sit down and charge finding an outlet may be an issue with the thousands of people also trying to stay charged. Consider packing a multi-tap extension cord or outlet. This will easily turn a normal 2 plug outlet into a charging station for you and other attendees.

Bring business or contact cards.

Youmacon is a social experience. Cosplayers have dedicated hours, days and months into their creations and are eager to have their photos taken. They also want to see where their photos will be. Having a business card with your social media info or website will make this convenient for everyone, rather than trying to follow each other immediately or remember screen names.

Be sanitary

Cobo Hall and the Renaissance Center are huge complexes with multiple events taking place constantly. With the addition of thousands of Youmacon attendees, the public restrooms may be something less than desirable. Both areas have an awesome staff that does their best to maintain cleanliness but it’s that staff of 100 or so employees versus thousands of hyped up people of all ages and different bladder strengths. It’s our suggestion that you pack sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer.

Cash is King

We mentioned earlier that the Youmacon registration doesn’t accept cash, but they will not be the only ones by far. There is a sense of security in carrying your credit/debit cards but there are plenty of reasons to carry cash. The people mover that carries you from one center to the other only accepts cash. There will be vendors that either don’t have the swipe to pay devices or may be having technical issues and will only be able to accept cash. Keep that in mind as you make your journey. Do you really want to get out of line to hit an atm machine?

This completes our short list of things we believe will make your Youmacon experience better. There are plenty more things you can do to enhance your experience. What are some of your ideas? Please share them in the comment section below. Come back we will bring more news and advice as we approach the starting Ceremonies for Youmacon 2017.