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Live Action Adult Mario Party

The variety of panels featured at Youmacon span from sessions with your favorite voice actors, tips on cosplay craft and even enjoying your favorite anime in a group session. One of the most anticipated panels of the weekend was the return of Adult Live Action Mario Party. The line or this panel lapped the vestibule two and a half times as attendees anxiously awaited to participate in the shenanigans. The live-action game mimicked the popular Nintendo game with respect to having 4 players each chose an avatar, which would be a willing member of the audience, to represent them on the game board. They would take turns rolling the die and moving their avatar accordingly around the board. Each spot had a value and/or event take place when it was landed on. The winner was determined by which player/team had the most stars at the end of the game, just like the actual game. The twist here is that the mini-games involved a plethora of adult themes including

  • Drawing straws from a demons butt

    Live Action Adult Mario Party
    Live Action Adult Mario Party
  • Who can hump the most in one minute
  • Design a tramp stamp
  • Draw a provocative character

Amongst other things. The panel was entertaining and elicited a ton of crowd participation. The game did have its fair share of hiccups. This panel was an adult, 18 and over, affair and of course had attendees behaving in a manner that might not be deemed appropriate. There were questionable moments when participants weren’t sure if the game should play out this way. Out of respect of the wishes of the players involved, we won’t go into detail of any unsettling behaviors, but we will share the gallery of photos and video from this panel. Where you able to attend this panel? Did you attend any of the after dark affairs such as The Rave? Let us know in the comment section below.