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Katsucon 2018 Review

This convention was a first for Max@Play on the east side of the country, but certainly it won’t be the last. What can we say about this convention? It was rumored to break their 20 thousand attendee mark this weekend. On the second floor of the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center Katsucon’s gazebo was a prime location for photographers and cosplayers alike swarming the area giving off a unique and fascinating atmosphere. Despite the weather having light snow and wind chills everyone was willing to brace the outside to have fun and take photos. Some of the activities people were involved in was LARPing (Live Action Roleplay) playing Dungeons and Dragons, and a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament. Wanted to relax and listen to tunes while the musical styling of The Saints had you covered. All the voice actors had lines around the corner with fans waiting for their favorites to sign or record something. The panels were a lot more educational then I expected such as prop molding, origami, and the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program. No con is complete without a fashion show and dance. Ultimately people enjoyed themselves thoroughly.