BJ Alex

Written by Daiennera Abrams

Bj Alex is about a boy name Dong-gyun who have a obsession with a BJ ( broadcast jockey) web cam show every night at 10 with his box of tissues and became his number one fan. One day at school he happened to run into one of the most popular student of the campus and was invited to a party to celebrate all the new students then latter to find out that his sunbea is BJ Alex and from that point on that’s when all the trouble happened


Since I first started to read Bj Alex I alway quite enjoyed it. It’s a very explicit manga with action around the corner. I really love the fact that it keep grabbing your attention to make you very anxious for the next episode. I have always been a BL fan so to see a BL that keep grabbing the read attention to make you won’t to read more is alway exciting. But even throw I can buy the full manga it’s still a good read every Saturday night I’m always happy to login my account to be able to read this manga I have very high hop for the author of this manga. Is creator of this comic is Mingwa’s Comics they also have many other comics on Lezhin Comics some topics like: Make me bark, At the end of the road, I can’t take my eye off you, From the point of three and Sign just to name a few I really do recommend this manga to all my BL lovers who really love matrue BL comics.