Happy New Year! 2018 Review

Youmacon Battle Opera
Youmacon Battle Opera

Welcome to a new year fellow nerds! 2018 has finally come to a close and we have survived the crazy lows and amazing highs that filled this year. Awesome game releases, epic conventions, the loss of major companies and over hyped games that flopped. The entirety of Max@Play covers these events but let’s take a moment to relive a of these. While we examine these, let’s also take a look into the future.
Goodbye Tell-Tale
One of the saddest things to come across the interwebs was the news that the makers of our favorite story driven zombie game, The Walking Dead, was closing its doors permanently. It wasn’t due to a lack of popularity but toxic management, horrible work conditions and poor money management. Part of that money management problems came from purchasing ridiculous amounts of licenses for games that, overall, play the same just with different stories.

Fallout 76
Fallout 76

Fallout 76 – The online game we didn’t want
Bethesda decided to create a game packaged in a franchise that is loved and filled with everything but what makes this title good. Its mediocre at best. With jan online gamee an online games and just enough to be considered a Fallout game.

Pope Deadpool Cosplay - NYCC 2018
Pope Deadpool Cosplay – NYCC 2018

Our Best Convention – NYCC 2018
Team Max@Play covered a plethora of conventions nationwide in 2018. Youmacon, in Detroit, will always be home. Ohayocon really let us cut our teeth as our first road convention and we’re definitely geared up for this year’s con. New York Comic Con 2018 allowed Team Max@Play to truly show their growth and meet with some amazing figures in our universe.
Best games of 2018
Of course Best is subject to a matter of opinion and player experience, there are a few games that we just couldn’t go through 2018 without playing. Marvel’s Spider-Man is a definite favorite. Its the best incarnation of our friendly neighborhood spider since Spider-Man 2, based off the movie. For a complete video of Top 10 videos games of 2018 click here.
Coming Soon
2019 is already off to a beautiful start. Team Max@Play is hitting Ohayocon in Columbus as the first con of the year. There is an ever growing list of events that will be covered and you can keep up with them here. We are preparing to host, participate and contend in the ESports arena. This is an exciting reboot to an old tournament series we used to host. Lets get charged up and make 2019 Awesome!

What are you looking forward to in 2019? Let us know in the comment section below.
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