Thank you Ohayocon 2019

Joker and Pennywise - Ohayocon - Cosplay
Joker and Pennywise – Ohayocon – Cosplay

Thank you Ohayocon 2019
Team Max@Play kicks off the convention new year in Columbus, OH. with Ohayocon 2019. This years theme was Camp Ohayocon and it definitely was received well by attendees. Festivities kicked of Thursday evening opening with the popular Escape Room. This had to be one of the most sought after attractions with all time slots becoming full before opening ceremonies on Friday. Groups of attendees had a set time to decipher the puzzle and escape the room before it was too late. Groups were a combination of different attendees working towards one goal in an intense race to not only just escape but to escape with the best times.
This year also saw an amazing amount of growth with popular panels from previous years gaining larger rooms and even multiple slots.

Link - Ohayocon - Cosplay
Link – Ohayocon – Cosplay

Tea Time With Deadpool” was a Team Max@Play favorite in 2018. Then the room for this raunchy over the top panel seated 300 attendees and was standing room only. This year Tea Time was in Main Events 1 which seats 2000 people.Stay tuned for more on this and other panels. Of course with the growth in production there was a significant growth in patronage. There was a realization made by Team Max@Play that there was a reasonable amount of Con Campers that came with the intention of simply sleeping where they could. It wasn’t certain if these attendees didnt have a room at all or just refused to return to it, either way the hotel staff was very accommodating.
The game room was still the most organized area in at the convention(biased opinion because we love games) With spacious areas for gaming with other attendees there was an appreciation for the extra arm room. The tournament transitions were seemless and thje gaming experience could keep you entertained the entire con.

- Ohayocon - Cosplay
– Ohayocon – Cosplay

The team work displayed between the Hyatt Regency, Greater Columbus Convention Center and Ohayocon staff was amazing. Each functioned great as individual units and supported each other very well. If there was any discord at all, it wasn’t made apparent to anyone that was in attendance.
With bar being set pretty high, the attraction that ends this list were the cosplayers and their awe inspring costumes. Subscribe to be notfied when the full set of cosplay photos are released.

Captain America vs The Winter Soldier - Ohayocon - Cosplay
Captain America vs The Winter Soldier – Ohayocon – Cosplay