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Twisted Metal: Black | #ThrowbackThursday

Twisted Metal Black video by The Completionist

Title: Twisted Metal Black

Genre: Vehicle Combat

Players: Single, Versus, Co-op

Developer: Incognito Entertainment

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Original Release: June 18, 2001

Twisted Metal Black was the pinnacle of vehicular carnage and the 5th installment of in the series. The overall story remained consistent through each iteration. A battle car competition held annually by Calypso. Each driver operates a unique vehicle with unique abilities with the winner having one wish granted by Calypso. This is hands down the most character driven version with each driver narrating their reasons and their experience through the tournament. Calypso is indeed malevolent, characters who have malevolent wishes have their wishes granted without him tricking them on the wishes, while those seeking more noble ends find that Calypso usually has the last laugh. Team Max@Play has devoted hours to destroying the cities, blowing up civilian cars and just generally killing each other.There hasn’t been another vehicle combat game that features such dark tones since, GTA doesn’t count. Enjoy this video by the Completionist and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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