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Hero Theme – South Park Phone Destroyer

Looking at the new theme for South Park

Welcome back fellow new kids! We’ve waited all summer and finally South Park Phone Destroyer has released the latest themed cards, Superheroes. A few months back, without warning, new kids started receiving new upgrade items in their PVP packs. As the buzz grew, the community suspected what the new theme would be, and we were correct. With the release they started an event with 4 premade decks highlighting all of the cards. The weekend event features a chance to expand your superhero collection with a chance to pull the Callgirl card. We’re going to talk about the new game mode, the cards we have seen in action and possible combinations.

The Callgirl App

This is the new spin on the story mode. The Callgirl app can be found inside your phone menu after the latest update is completed. The app features updates from Call Girl and a task list of objectives to complete to reveal clues as to your next enemy. Apparently this is the new story mode. Its a little different than what we expected but it does encourage you to replay old levels. One noticed change is when you replay the older levels they no longer increase in difficulty, but they also don’t move up in prize sets.

Collected So Far

Here is a short list of cards we’ve collected so far

Super Fart – deals 40 Damage

The Chomper – Damages and freezes enemies on contact

FastPass – Charged – Targets nearest enemie and damages all enemies in his path

Mosquito – Warcry – Summons a flying mosquito swarm that heals Mosquito when it attacks

Toolshed – Charged _ Disables an enemy trap nearby, otherwise places a Chomper

Tupperware – Immune to abilities, status effects and spells

Cards we’ve seen and want

Top 3 cards are obviously the most popular

Callgirl – Warcry – summons another hero from your hand

The Coon – Gets an attack boost for each hero character on the field

Mysterion – Deathwish – Revives himself


The first combo requires Call Girl and Mosquito to be in your hand. Summoning Call Girl would immediately summoning Mosquito who would immediately summon the swarm giving you 3 fighters at the cost of 7 energy. We’d like to add that Call Girl is easily the most expensive to summon since ManBearPig. If she was the last character to die then playing Pope Timmy for 6 energy would bring back Call Girl without paying that 7 and as long as you have another hero in your hand she will summon them. This section will be updated regularly.


This theme definitely is going to revitalize the game strategy. Wondering what cards are broken or totally overpowered. Taking for instance Mysterion, when he dies he becomes a white spirit ball that floats back behind his New Kid. While he’s the spirit, he can not attack or be damaged. The real question is still considered on the field? Can he be summoned by Pope Timmy? Once his card is played will you be able to draw it again? So many questions we look forward to answering.

Have you had a chance to explore the Hero Theme? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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