Beat Saber – Imagine Dragons – Believer

Title: Beat Saber

Platform: Playstation 4 VR

Genre: Rhythm

With all of the panels, displays and experiences going on at Youmacon this year it was interesting making a decision on where to begin the journey, but of course it started off in the game room located in the TCF Convention Center. To our delight we were presented with the PS4 virtual gaming arena. Its been awhile since our last attempt at a virtual reality experience and we are bringing to you our renewed faith.

The game we chose to start with was Beat Saber. A rhythm game similar to guitar hero where you slash two light sabers to destroy squares on beat. Each saber has a corresponding color and direction for striking. The game features a plethora of popular music as well as custom tracks unique to Beat Saber.

First Experience

During our first play through we were definitely caught up in the hype of everything. The VR Goggles fit perfectly creating a seal around the eyes. After a few calibration adjustments we we’re in and slashing away. You immediately notice how responsive the motion controls are and how minor shifts in your body are tracked. Once the game got going there wasn’t a lot of time to look around the non-play area but if you look around you can see the light show taking place. 3 songs in and the realization your doing a lot of moving sets in. The sweat began to pour and the goggles begin to fog and its now time to take a break.

Second Experience

Team Max@Play returned to Beat Saber for a round 2 later that weekend. This is where we took note of a few challenges in a group setting. The calibration wasn’t nearly as precise, mainly for rushing because of the line. The module can be adjusted for the height of the player. This left us tilting our head down a little further than comfort. Take in consideration that the headset itself has adjustments that take time to fit each players head. Not taking this time will leave the VR Goggles loose and not sealed around the eyes.


The Playstation 4 VR set was an amazing experience. It can function well in a party situation but definitely is a solo person experience. Check out the rest of our Youmacon experience and thanks for visiting Max@Play.