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We found Jesus! – South Park Phone Destroyer

The latest card to add to your phone destroyer deck.

Welcome back fellow phone destroyers. The holidays tend to bring in some awesome themed events in the world of South Park. The Christmas holiday brought us the “Jesus is here!” event. This event allowed players to win tokens and with enough tokens accumulated you can open packs with increasing chances of uncovering the Epic rarity card Jesus. Before we continue, we’d like to point out that Satan is a Legendary card.

The event and my deck construction

This particular event had the rules:

-Receive one point for every event selected card per win

Jesus Card _ South Park Phone Destroyer
Jesus Card _ South Park Phone Destroyer

This means the event had a dozen or so cards that were marked special. Every time you won a PVP match with these cards in that deck you received 1 point for each card. With win criteria like that, we were geeked to just load up the deck with as many specials as possible to max out the amount of points. Deckbuilding of this nature left us with a bunch of underdeveloped and unsupported cards that resulted in devastating losses. Even after upgrading several cards they still made poor combinations. After a dozen more crushing defeats, winning a total of zero matches, we decided to implement a little more strategy in our deck building. The tweaks to the deck meant sacrificing potential points, but since the current deck wasn’t earning any it couldn’t hurt. We included a video of the deck combination we used that earned us Jesus.

Jesus Card _ South Park Phone Destroyer
Jesus Card _ South Park Phone Destroyer

The Jesus card

Jesus is an epic level rarity card classified as ranged. His war cry heals all allies in a set range. His death wish is to revive once after dying. Jesus is really squishy, meaning even though we got him through level 2 quickly he can’t take much damage in comparison to comparable ranged cards. To balance the healing and attack make up for his squishiness. The range of his healing is quite limited as well, you’ll definitely be in a defensive position even after his summon.

Jesus Card _ South Park Phone Destroyer
Jesus Card _ South Park Phone Destroyer


The overall event was entertaining with the holiday being a great backdrop. Since there were certain cards that were a must for play the commentary on the battlefield got down right hilarious.Its always fun to get the new cards but in total honesty this card doesn’t fit in our normal style of play. How do you feel about the new Jesus card? Have you come up with some interesting combos? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates.

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