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Top 10 most disgusting deaths

1000 ways to die

Welcome back fellow gamers! Team Max@Play brings you another list by our friends at WhatCulture gaming, and this list will turn your stomach. Most of us, if not all of us, love a little gruesome death here and there. Games like Mortal Kombat feature some of the best gruesome deaths. Well friends, we are bringing you a top 10 list of the most disgusting and gruesome death in recent video games. These deaths are blood curdling, stomach-churning, possibly vomit-inducing insane executions. You murders ranging from the total implausable to the “OMG I think they’ve had enough!” Enjoy some of the most horrific deaths imaginable. Definitely not for the weak of heart, or stomach. So, if you can’t stand a little or a lot of blood being spewed everywhere click here for a nicer a video . Otherwise, get ready for a list of guts being ripped out, heads being exploded, and being skinned alive. Warning! This list may contain some spoilers, depending on what you consider a spoiler, you’ve been warned, twice. 

10. Making A Wish – Mortal Kombat 9

9. A Split Decision – Until Dawn

8. Helios, Light the way – God of War 3

7. Ellie’s Revenge – The Last of Us

6. Peeeling Back – Mortal Kombat 11

5. That Horrible Choice Wolfenstein: The New Order

4. Peek A Boo – Resident Evil 2

3. Death by Spoon – The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

2. No Peace Here – Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero

1. Eye Messed Up – Dead Space 2

Enjoy this list and let us know what is your favorite gruesome death in the comment section. Do you need another top 10 in your list? Click this link for another awesome list. And don’t forget to subscribe to Max at play.

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