GamingThrowback Thursday

DOOM Retrospective

Looking back at the original doom and what made it so great.

Welcome back fellow gamers! As we wait patiently for the latest generation of Doom we look back at the one that started it all. Now, this video will not focus on the lore of Doom guy or whether he is or is not a Blazkowicz, but what really made Doom so awesome. If you’re looking to continue the discussion of the doomguy lore or some theories that Doom and Link are the same person you should check out a previous article posted here at maxatplay. Today, we’ll talk about being bathroom is in 3D imaging, for the time. Doom was tremendously gruesome for its time featuring a literal battle entail filled with imps and various other satanic ideology. Nowadays, this scenery more common than not, but they had to get the idea from somewhere. Enjoy this video brought to us by our friend Yahtzee over at Escapist.

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