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Top 20 Most Difficult Decisions in Video Games

These decisions stressed you out, woosah

Welcome back fellow gamers! The best games have some seriously difficult decisions. Your decision here distractly alters how the game story plays or leaves you wondering, “Did I make the right move? What would’ve happened if…?” Then there are those decisions that have you regret them immediately. Thanks to our friends over at WatchMojo we have a nice list for you. Please beware of spoilers and enjoy!

20. Pokemon Red & Blue – Your starter pokemon

19. Tell Tales Game of Thrones – Mira’s Fate

18. The Outer World’s – Edgewater or The Botanical Lab

17. Batman The Tell Tale Series – Batman or Alfred

16 The Witcher 3: Witch Hunt – Yennifer or Triss

15. Heavy Rain – The Drug Dealer

14. Mass Effect – Kaiden or Ashley

13. Fallout – Factions

12. Fire Emblem Fates – Hoshido or Noir

11. Fallout: New Vegas – Vault 34

10. Far Cry 4 – Choose the Dictator

9. Fable 2 -Love, Sacrifice or Wealth

8.Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent – Colonel Lambert

7. Spec Ops: The Line – Blame or Extraction

6. Detroit Become Human – The Freedom March

5. Life is Strange – Chloe or Arcadia Bay

4. Deus Ex – Mankinds Fate

3. Grand Theft Auto IV – Deal or Revenge

2. Mass Effect 3 – Geth or Quarian

1. The Walking Dead – Dealing with Lee

What do you think of our list? Were there any moral choices you felt were bad no matter what?  Let us know in the comment section below. 

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