GamingThrowback Thursday

Super Metroid SNES – #ThrowbackThursday

Title: Super Metroid

Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Players: Single

Genre: Action Adventure | Platformer

Developer/Publisher: Nintendo

Welcome back fellow gamers! This tine around we are taking a look back at the 1994 release version of Super Metroid for the SNES. The video features a 100% Full game run through achieving the best ending, so enjoy.

Samus Aran brings the last Metroid to the Ceres space colony for scientific study. Investigation of the specimen, a larva, reveals that its energy-producing abilities were actually harnessed for the good of civilization. Shortly after leaving, Samus receives a distress call alerting her to return to the colony immediately. She finds the scientists dead, and the Metroid larva stolen by Ridley, leader of the Space Pirates. Samus escapes from the colony during a self-destruct sequence and follows Ridley to the planet Zebes. (As stated on Wikipedia)

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