Paladins Gameplay

Ride your mount into battle

Welcome back fellow gamers! This week on the SUPERHiGHMcFLYY live stream, we revisited Paladins. Since its release back in 2016 its has achieved some great heights with the ability to customize your character and build out their skills.  It honestly reminds us of a first person shooter version of SMITE with a hero twist. When starting the game again for the first time in over a year we discussed team dynamics and our first character to reacquaint ourselves with was the Flanker role known as Lex. This character seemed right up our alley with his cool armor and dual magnum pistols. The purpose of a Flanker is obviously to attack distracted support and damage class characters. They tend to be loners with great mobility, escape, moves. Once in the thick of things, he wasn’t the best selection for our play style. Not to mention, getting reacquainted with the mechanics gave him a severe disadvantage resulting in a necessary class change. 

Barik: The Front Liner

The character we performed the best with was Barik the Master Mechanic. If you’re judging by Team Max@Play’s current game selection you’d think we have a thing for Dwarfs. Armed with his Blunderbuss and turrets, he is a force to be reckoned with. As a frontliner, Barik is built to lead the charge. Rush in, drop down a turret in a corner to flank enemies entering the vicinity. His shield is quickly deployed to draw extra fire and when its time his Ultimate, the Dome Shield, will set the arena on fire, literally. We’ve also found it useful to deploy a turret directly in the enemies path and flank them ourselves. Most won’t divert their attack until the turret is down, but once they do drop that shield and continue your onslaught. If you have the “One Man’s Scrap” card in your build, losing a turret reduces all of your active cool down by 30%.

The video above features one of our most epic wins during the stream. Of course, unless you request it, we’re not going to show you how horribly the bots killed Team Max@Play throughout the first half of the stream. If you enjoy this one you’ll enjoy our stream from Deep Rock Galactic. Another Team based FPs classed PVE. Who is your favorite Champion? Let us know in the comment section below.

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