UFO Ultramaiden

Chibi to Valkyrie with a kiss

Welcome back anime lovers! We are looking at the story of Valkyrie from the series UFO Ultramaiden.  Her insertion into the life of Kazuto was a bit traumatic as her space crashes into his bathhouse and literally kills. In an attempt to make amends and save his life, Valkyrie gives him the most precious thing a girl could give a man, half her soul. (What did you think it was?) This gift did spare his life but cost her adulthood. Giving up half her soul energy turned her back into a child. This anime is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

Main Characters

Welcome to an intro list of the season 1 characters from UFO Ultramaiden. This list will omit special arrivals and any spoilers.

  • Kazuto Tokina – Main male protagonist and owner of The Tokino Bathhouse left to him by his grandfather. Kind of shy guy but very kind.
  • Princess Valkyrie – One of the princesses of Valhalla. Running from what would have been an arranged marriage she lands in Kazuto’s life. She’s also a love interest.
  • Akina Naramura – A childhood friend of Kazuto and is secretly in love with him.
  • Princess Hydra – Younger sister to Valkyrie and princess of Valhalla. Attempting to return her fleeting sister home by any means necessary.
  • Rika Tokina – Little sister of Kazuto and voice of reason when things are going wrong.
  • Miss Sanada – The head maid of Valhalla tasked with looking after the princesses but mainly focuses on Valkyrie. Did we mention she’s a cat lady with an army of cat women servants


The antics of little Valkyrie can be entertaining especially combined with her chemistry with Hydra. The overall love arc is less than impressive but it’s watchable. Viewers can enjoy this series while waiting for new episodes of something else to release. There is a nice amount of fan service (nudity) so be careful whose viewing. UFO Ultramaiden is not a bad series, at season1, just not impressive. 

If you need a better evaluation, here’s the episode 1 of season 1. Enjoy

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