GamingThrowback Thursday

The Doctor is is – Dr. Mario #ThrowbackThursday

From Plumber to Physician

Developer: Nintendo R&D1

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: NES,

Release: July 27, 1990

Genre: Puzzle

Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

Welcome back fellow gamers! This time around Team Max@Play goes back to the classic NES title Dr. Mario. These are the moments that make you ask, when did this plumber find time to go to school less long become licensed to prescribe drugs. I mean he spends his time running around from castle to castle and racing karts maybe he found a “special plant” that is now in distribution.

This version of Dr. Mario is a puzzle game where you drop pills and make them match colors corresponding to the virus infecting the host. A pretty straightforward game with a variety of difficulties and a competitive multiplayer mode.

Are you wondering how this Mushroom Kingdom hero is in the hospital? Then check out this video and thanks for visiting Max@Play.