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8 Video Game Cheats You Were Forced To Use

Cheat or Lose

Cheating is frowned upon in most communities and is obviously advised against. Even in the gaming community, if you try to cheat or exploit a glitch there will be horrible repercussions. These games listed below are an exception to that rule. The games featured in this video are so difficult its virtually impossible to make it to the end cut scene without a little assistance. This video is courtesy of our friends over at Whatculture and this is 8 times you definitely needed to cheat to win.

  1. Contra Code – Contra – The original cheat code!
  2. Infinite Lives – Battle Toads – This code was made available using the game genie. For those new to that, Game Genie was an attachment that you could plug directly into your system and enter codes that could change the dynamics of the game. Click here to learn more about Game Genie.
  3. 99 Lives cheat – Rayman – This game lowered your guard with its jovial happy beginning and then hit you with a difficulty spike out of this world. Even if you had a save game to go back when you died, Rayman records how many lives you had left meaning you could reach a point where you only had 1 life left forever.
  4. Royal Escape – Professor Layton and the Curious Village – This cheat is related to one specific puzzle. Its based on a Chinese sliding puzzle that stumps the most egregious of puzzle fanatics.
  5. Two player final boss cheese – Pocky and Rocky – This game offers a difficulty spike right at the end of the game featuring attacks that will literally follow you around the play area.
  6. 900 Korok Seeds – Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Korok seeds were an in game item you hand to find and were only able to acquire them one at a time. Since there is really no way for anyone to find all of them, without help, Nintendo released a companion guide that you could purchase separately to find them.
  7. Infinite Rare Candy – Pokemon Gold and Blue – This was a glitch exploit that allowed you to duplicate items over and over again to your hearts content.
  8. Extra Lives Cheese – Ninja Gaiden – This game was and still is one of the hardest games ever and it was released on the NES. The glitch allowed you to go up and down a particular ladder on the fifth level and acquire multiple 1ups.

Did you enjoy the video? What was the last game you cheated on? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting Max@Play