Splitgate: VIP

I hate being VIP with Randoms

Splitgate VIP
Splitgate VIP

Welcome back fellow gamers! We’re taking time to enjoy another round of the free-to-play game Splitgate/Portal Wars. You gotta love the jump-in and play with quick intense matches. This definitely appeals to gamers, such as myself, that lack the time to invest hours into a game but still need that good fix.


Today’s match was VIP and sense there was no one available to join the squad, yours truly, had to go at with a bunch of random players. Instantly starting the match as VIP, DAMMIT, everybody abandoned the protective objective and ignored the next one, which was killing the enemy VIP. Mic chatter was non-existent and the number of times yours truly was made VIP was just sad. Its safe to say this match was lost but it had its good moments.

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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