Thank you Ohayocon 2022

Welcome back fellow con-goers! The Hyatt Regency Columbus and the GCCC hosted the first in-person Ohayocon experience in two-years. The energy was definitely present as staff and attendees learned how to “people” again. Enjoy these photos as a preview to our official coverage.

Setting the Stage

The Hyatt staff worked wonders assisting staff and attendees make it to their designated locations. The lobby was filled with KeyBlades, heavy armor sewing machines, and instruments. Watching Elsa from Frozen have a deep conversation with Saber from Fate/Stay Night as an unmasked Spartan from Halo accepts room keys. The Ohayocon team has only a few moments to greet each other as its time to get the stage together for an action-packed weekend. With so many people walking around, its definitely a Titan attack possibility. Luckily The Survey Corp is on duty for added protection.

Check out the Mythical Creatures Photoshoot

Updated 03/08/2022

Cosplay Competition

When cosplay takes over the Main Events stage the entire convention comes out and supports. Enjoy our coverage of Ohayocon Cosplay Competition 2022