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Another Failed Run – Back 4 Blood

The squad wasn’t ready

Welcome back fellow zombie killers, excuse me, Cleaners! We took a few minutes to get back into the world of Back 4 Blood because the ridden needed to be cleansed. One of the hardest things to do if you’re starting in the middle of a campaign is be paired with proper partners. Since there wasn’t anyone starting at the same time, we were partnered up with BOTS. Luckily Turtle Rock has done some updating to the AI for the BOTS so they are quicker to help and drop ammo as well as likely to wander off into the darkness. There is still nothing like a human player. In typical B4B fashion, the round starts off pretty easy moving from one objective to the other. 

There have been some enhancements to the world making navigation a bit easier.Its after we summon the second horde when the difficulty spikes to exponential numbers.  The new task is to cut off the zombie spawn points by closing the cavern entrances. Sounds simple enough, but there is literally an endless wave of zombies as well as special infected pouring out of each opening. If you don’t have back up you’re not gonna make it through this. Somewhere during the chaos, human players joined the match and were immediately incapped. This was bad for everybody and eventually we all fell to the sheer overwhelming numbers of ridden. So what’s the take away or pro tip for this video, either have a good team or don’t die. Enjoy this video and let us know what you think in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting Max@Play. 

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