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Letter from the Editor – Dealing with Zombies

Zombie Cosplay

Welcome back fellow zombie survivors! It’s amazing the things that persist during the early stages of what’s clearly identified as a mass zombie outbreak. Thanks to social media, task forces were quickly mobilized to secure some of life’s needed infrastructures such as lights, water, and the internet. Social media is also why these zombie influencers are increasing the risk and reducing the ability of containment. Even though there are many areas with core necessities still available, civil unrest makes that grid spotty at best. Survivors in the dark zones are forced to travel if they want the benefit of lights and clean water. Hospitals are a no-go, the attempt to save so many lives, in the beginning, left those facilities to be overrun. We now resort to small defensible clinics while search parties make runs to retrieve necessary supplies from nearby pharmacies and stores. Fighting among larger groups of survivors threatens the overall stability of the community. What would you do if your loved one began showing signs of infection? You vowed to protect this person and now they are turning into the enemy. Could you release them from their new fate of joining the undead and hurting someone else’s loved one? Would you fight for their remaining hours at all costs to enjoy these fleeting moments? Would you hide their distress to avoid facing the inevitable, putting everyone else at risk? These conversations are tough to have and spark unnecessary violence and death in the struggling society. Time is not on the side of the survivors. As the zombie horde increased, facilities and structures fall. Soon, life will be forever different. What are you going to do?

Team MaxPlay has the perfect handbook to help you and your crew through these terrifying times! 

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