ULTRAMAN: Final Season| Netflix Anime OP

Shinjiro is a beast!

Welcome back fellow anime lovers! Team Max@Play is taking a journey back into the world of Ultraman, apparently for the last time. We’re going to share our opinion on episode 1 so beware of mild spoilers. Our hero Shinjiro is going through some “changes” with his powers that are making everyone at the SSSP nervous. The pop idol Rena has returned to the stage, with a few reservations about it. And an old friend of Shinjiro joins the SSSP.

The voice acting and fight choreography are still top-notch. With a few jaw-dropping moments, we’re excited to binge through the final season. Not to mention where Shinjiro and Rena’s relationship will go. Join us to the end of Ultraman, available on Netflix, and thanks for visiting Max@Play.

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