About Us

We are diligently working to enhance your experience and bring you all things awesome.This current incarnation and gearing to incorporate more of the gamer culture. Max@Play will always be centered around what gamers of every level enjoy before, during and after gaming. Just to hit on a few points to paint a better picture will cover things such as:

Conventions – Mainly anime, comic or tech based showcases

Movies – Of course we’re not talking about movies like the Notebook. Not saying it isn’t a good movie just not quite what we love here. We are geared towards are Marvel, Star Wars and Anime movies here.
Music -The soundtrack provided by your favorite developer may not be the best fit for your gaming experience and some of your favorite artist are definitely picking up a controller. We will definitely bring you some dope tunes from all levels of the music world.

Cos-play – The cos-play community is a beautiful artistic family looking to create and share. We will be featuring themed cos-play photography and some audience submissions.

Anime – Of course we are talking about great anime, comics and cartoons from indie to major.
This list is just the tip of iceberg that is gamer culture and will feature so much more. Our expectation of you is to just be awesome. Your feedback helps us be awesome and we can be awesome together. Have fun checking out whats going on and follow us on your favorite social media for up to the moment updates on whats going on.