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Horde Mode XL – World War Z

Time to call in the big guns

Welcome back fellow zombie killers! It’s time to return to World War Z and take care of the rampaging Zeke infestation. This time around Team Max@Play is trying out the new Horde Mode XL.

The biggest flex for this WWZ update is players can see up to 1000 zombies on screen at 60fps. Zekes are more aggressive and come in what feels like endless waves. There are a nice amount of new zombie character models to take in as well as a new backdrop. The area the team is tasked to protect is the entrance to a theme park. Definitely has a learning curve and has more twists, turns, and vertical movements than the airport in the original horde mode. Exploring a new location has an amazing feeling of anxiousness and panic, especially after playing the previous level and memorizing the upgrade locations.

Horde Mode XL has also added additional supplies and defense items to purchase. The biggest one is for a tactical attack during XL Horde waves. The player has to spend enough of their points to unlock the ordinance levels, up to 500. This adds a new level of management and strategy since without a well-powered up special ordinance, players will get overwhelmed. 

Fans of this game will enjoy the increased difficulty and new visuals. Let us know what you think and thanks for visiting Max@Play.

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