Letter from the Editor 4/4

We are at that time again and I climb up on my ranty soap box to inform you from my personal perspective what to expect this week. Thanking Ron Lyons for his continued contribution to the site. Check out his Ron Lyons II. I am overcome with sadness as I wait for RWBY to pick back up which if you haven’t seen it yet I suggest you take a moment and watch the video that got me hooked.

This is Death Battle featured on the Screw Attack youtube channel. They answered a lot of my questions as far as to fictional battles between my favorite characters. Death Battle is the series that introduced me to RWBY and all its glory. Once you get caught up let me know what your favorite fight was. You can see my favorite fight right here on Max@Play, Qrow vs Winter.
Every week needs a dope soundtrack and we will highlight our top 5 songs and where you can find this music. This is music for the moment not a new release list and its definitely not limited to any particular genre. If safe to say that if you enjoy anything on this site you’ll agree that the songs we share have some major appeal. If you agree or disagree please sound off in the comment section and let the conversation begin.
We received some interesting cosplay photos from #TeamMaxAtPlay that we’re going to share as the week goes on. If you have have some dope cosplay to share please forward your images to maxatplay313@gmail.com. That’s about it for this rant. As soon as my updates finish I will have some footage of my journey in the MOBA world of SMITE, fun stuff. Have fun, kill zombies and be awesome!