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Soundtrack to an awesome week #MusicMonday TOP 5

Welcome back to #MusicMonday Top 5 where we highlight awesome tracks that have found their way to the ears of Team Max@Play. This list isn’t based on what’s new and hot, it’s the soundtrack to an awesome week ahead filled with gaming, anime and cosplay. It’s also not in any particular, just know that these songs can be heard back to back on repeat throughout this week. If there’s a song that you’re enjoying right now, wether new or old, indie or mainstream, leave it in the comments and share it with the Team.

The Crimson Alchemist
The Crimson Alchemist

First off we introduce The Crimson Alchemist hailing from Detroit City. This lady lyrist has more kicks than Hitmonlee and bars for days. The song of choice is Special Beam Cannon. Which is so properly titled. We weren’t able to find a video for this song but you can definitely find it on SoundCloud if you follow the link.

Listen to Special Beam Cannon by The Crimson Alchemist #np on #SoundCloud

Next we bring the track Don’t get deleted from the movie “Dope” featuring The band Awreeoh
Awreeoh Don’t get deleted

Now we have a bouncy Melody from Ed Sheeran, “Shape of you” definitely a track you can groove too.
Ed Sheeran shape of you

Time to take it back with a jam from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  “Smooth Criminal” Annie are ok? Are you ok Annie?!?
Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal

Completing this is the legend Santana featuring Rob Thomas with the song “Smooth”

Santana featuring Rob Thomas

Thanks for checking out the list. Don’t like our soundtrack? Well let us know what yours is. Leave your favorite songs in the comment section. Need more gaming in your life, then see what’s new on our games list.