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Beware of Trevor Moments

The term “Going Postal” referred to a period of time when over worked and under appreciated United States Postal Service members were excited to extreme uncontestable anger which in many cases led to sever acts of violence on anyone near by. Team Max@Play calls these moments Trevor Moments. This name is derived from the Grand Theft Auto V character Trevor Phillips whose known to be easily excitable and reacts in the most extreme way possible, usually resulting with a seemingly endless pile of bodies. Beware the Trevor Moments because they can seemingly come out of no where and from the outside looking in can seem totally unwarranted. Truth be told the pot that’s about to boil over, and explode, has been fueled so constantly it’s never able to calm down. This constant state of stress fuels the Trevor Moments. In the game nothing much can prevent a Trevor Moment except getting his way and possibly watching your mouth. Outside of GTA you can prevent a Trevor Moment by providing kind words, watching your mouth and paying attention to someone exhibiting high levels of stress and anxiety. Check out this Trevor Moment from the game Grand Theft Auto V and click here for more GTA moments.