Clans and Cosplay #LFTE

Welcome to another day of being awesome and enjoying the life of awesome sauce. You gotta love when a plan comes together. You also have to take it when the pan falls apart. Recently my clan in mobile game Clash of Clans has decided to get back into clan wars. As excited as our small clan is we haven’t been very successful in racking up those much needed stars to get the win. We’re attributing this to being totally out of practice. We’re going to do a battle breakdown of a few attacks that you’ll be able to view our Clash of clan war strategies. Hopefully you’ll be able to chime in and add to the conversation. This should open the door to some great discussion and improve everybody’s clan strategy. In a totally random thought, my favorite place to get my Clash on is, the bathroom. Don’t know how many people take their cellphone in to the restroom with them but it’s definitely a must when a king sits on the throne to survey his land and take account of his winnings. Feel free to share where your most relaxing area to Clash, or use your phone is.

While we’re still on the hype train with clashing, Team Max@Play is expecting to see a few new cosplayers portraying their favorite character from this phenomenal game. Of course there’s a gallery of some the best images we could find across the net and you can view the Clash of Clans Cosplay gallery here. With Dragoncon gearing more towards anime and manga there are a few wondering if that matters when it comes to showing your love to your favorite character weather it is from a game or animated series. No matter which happens the turn out will definitely bring out the best and most creative people and even more off the fans that just want to marvel in the dedication and pagentry.