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Before you cut your turkey, be warned.

Thanksgiving morning is traditionally a day for giving thanks. It’s a day when friends and family come together and celebrate the year and prepare for the upcoming seasonal celebration. This year hides a hidden danger, fueled by vengeance. This season is a symbol of genocide for this community and they refuse to stand by and be slaughtered. Today, the Turkey-pacalypse begins. Across the world sleeper agents from the future lay in wait to attack in the name of their fallen gobble gobble brethren. When you defrost your Thanksgiving meal be careful, your turkey may spring to life and reveal it’s intentions, then it will be you forced into the oven and baked at 325-400 degrees for 4.5 hours with someone stuffing you with giblets. Their intentions were made clear in this video telling the story of the legendary turkey hero Goblax. His valiant efforts to free his comrades sparked the revolution that is now the Turkey Apocalypse. Be warned and remain vigilant. Be thankful, it could be you being served for dinner surrounded by a bunch of cackling hens, er, turkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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