Colossalcon 2019

It’s summertime, and that means the Max@Play team is back in Ohio again. This time it’s for Colossalcon 2019. This will be Max’s second time attending the water parked themed event at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Sandusky, Ohio. The decade old event has typical attractions that other conventions such as artists alleys, concerts, cosplay contests, raves, guest speakers, photoshoots video game room, but what makes ColossalCon unique is that the costumes and events regularly center around water. For example, their famous alcoholic drinks which can be seen down below are theme with such names like “Spirit Bomb Pop” a play on words from the Dragon Ball Z series and “Pallet Town Sunrise” a notable location from the Pokémon franchise. Today (Wednesday) is a free day where attendees don’t need admission to go to the panels or the video game room.

Special guest that will be appearing include Eric Vale, Tia Ballard, Lindsay Sidel and Trina Nishimura just to name a few. Music will be provided by returning act rock band Kazha with guest panelist Mica Burton.

Grenadine app that has the schedule for ColossalCon can be download on both Apple and Android phones here. https://tinyurl.com/y56aq2ny

Can’t make it to Colossalcon? Start preparing for its other convention. Colossalcon East in the Pocono Mountains coming in September. Tickets can be purchased here. https://tinyurl.com/y5gr2egp